Welcome to the Lean Software Blog!

February 16, 2009


This is a blog written by consultants at Softhouse. We are going to use it to write about the topic Lean Software, as we define it.

What is Lean Software?

Let us start by explaining that Softhouse has succeeded in taking a lead position in the Swedish software development market. We are viewed as one of the best companies in Sweden when it comes to Agile software development. We organize Scrum Certifications as well as a number of other Scrum-related courses, e.g. Scrum for Managers and Scrum for Team Members. We arrange Ă–resund Agile, a conference on Agile software development, and coach clients in everything Agile. The most of these things are positioned on the project management side in software development projects.

But there has to be more. In order to succeed with a software development project, you need to excel in all of the above, i.e. project management, but you also have to be proficient in the technical side of things. A good technical platform is a basis for handling your project according to the Agile patterns. This is what we call Lean Software.

There is two components in Lean Software. In order to keep the technical platform Lean, you need both supporting tools and ways of working, as well as keep your design and architectur in tip-top shape. In the former component we include things like software configuration management, framework for test driven development and tools for continuous integration. In the latter we like to place the acronyms DDD, AOP and DSL.

The posts in this blog will cover how you use the tools and practices mentioned above, as well as other techniques to keep your technical platform Lean. We hope you will enjoy the posts!